• Minimalism is an acquired taste
  • Address is a statement without words
  • Grandness is a silent virtue
  • Greens is a refined luxury
  • Privacy is exclusivity at its best
  • Neighbor’s are a subject of envy
That’s XO. That’s XtraOrdinary.
That’s the signature of the lifestyle here.

Defining brilliance in every XO home

Address to flaunt

Every pincode, thoughtfully picked, for convenience and class. You deserve nothing less.

Grand spaces

King size will go to shame with the grandeur at XO. Welcome a much much, larger than life.

Green luxury

Islands, walls, touches and embraces, find greens everywhere, the subtle and beautiful side of luxury.

Incredible finesse

When the finesse does the talking, it leaves people speechless. Experience it in every corner.

Privacy unfolds

While you deserve to know it all, let the world remain curious about your lifestyle. XO homes ensure just that.

Technology, touche

Smart, to-the-point, really secure is the technology touch you expect at XO. Nothing less. Touche indeed!

XO jhamtani banner 1920 x 800 px-Gold leaf

Shades of Luxury

The ace of the pincode language

Not crowded, not common place… it’s an unmatched world of your own. It’s not just true about your place at the top, it’s also true for pincodes.

Keeping in mind the value of your time, the taste of your indulgences, the places you frequent, the neighbors you’d like to have, and the statement you deserve to make; the location of every XO endeavor is strategically thought-through.

Grandeur that makes best stretch its boundaries

Grand is a story that begins at intent. And ours is pretty extravagant. At XO, every residence is an epitome of grandness. In thought, in design, and in lifestyle.

Luxury demands an abundance of space, in different forms and functions for every generation in every family. Inside and outside. Not just in rooms, but also lobbies, not only in gardens but also parking’s, not only in clubs, also in pools. Experience their generosity and magnanimity. At XO residences.

Greens a different dimension of luxury

Oh what price one would not pay for a fresh breeze of air, for basking in the first rays of the sunlight, for the constant company of greens… Thankfully, at XO signature series, it’s one of the signature lifestyle elements. A piece of mother earth, exclusively for you!

Let your worries dissolve in the warm embrace of nature. Vertical gardens, sky walks, nature trails, expect a experience to cherish with nature and its many forms at every XO endeavour.

An incredible team leads to an incredible finesse

When you want to leave onlookers spellbound, focus on the finesse. At XO signature series, we’re bringing the best professional space designers, space stylists, color experts and landscape artists to work in tandem to bring out absolute finesse in e very home.

Superior aesthetics adorned with superior finishes, moves the lifestyle many notches higher. Exactly what we do at every XO residence

Privacy The must-have, now elevated

A private community unlike any other. Secured with the most refined and responsible taste and community of none other than the who’s who of society.

Treating accessibility with utmost caution, every feature of your home, and every lifestyle adornment of the project are carefully planned to ensure uncompromising privacy. The doors open only to those whom you want to invite

Afterall, what is luxury if it invites all. This is only for the exclusive few, like you.

Technology that keeps you ahead

Not interfering , only enhancing , that’s the technology we indulge in for XO residences. Enhance con venience, security and lifestyle.

International 360 degree security systems, advanced surveillance system, some of the most advanced and stylish elevators, tap for command, voice controls… customized solutions in technology are at your fingertips at XO. Make it your signature.

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